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Voices Maria Heseltine

"Ten top tracks from Cornwall based vocalist Maria Heseltine are on offer for those listening to her latest CD.

"Maria's smooth vocals and music remind me of dreamy summer days and holiday romances with an edge of mystery. the whole CD's contents tap into memories of movies set in the 60s and 70s. The track "Don't Turn Around" sounds like the theme tune to a James Bond movie that was never made. Stylish, rich and full bodied it comes from the era of Connery.

"The words and music, written by Clive Parnell are sung beautifully by Maria who has worked with many different Cornwall based artists including the composer Douglas Cook.

"Maria has worked with some of Cornwall's best musicians and artists including The Sue Aston Ensemble and sung on film soundtracks for artist Andrew Lanyon. Other great tracks include Shadow in the Night, Winter's Tale and Nothing Left to Say, all of which keep you wanting to hear more. It'll grow on you the more you listen.

"Voices is available via Amazon or" C. N.